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Jeff Lewis

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  • Kingston, Nova Scotia, Canada
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Web developer with project management and team leadership experience always interested in hearing about new experiences. Always looking to learn new technologies and expand my personal growth and would like to move into more senior positions.


Technical Skills

PHP (10+ Years)

mySQL (10+ Years)

HTML (10+ Years)

XML (10+ Years)

Perl (6+ Years)

AJAX (5+ Years)

jQuery (4+ Years)

Android (1+ Years)

Software Skills













Employment history

Lead Developer/Team Lead, Platinum Synergy

Led development primarily in PHP and mySQL on the backend and JavaScript and AJAX on the front end. In addition to development, managed the team of contract developers.


  • Planned, developed, and implemented version two of the main customer relationship management software resulting in a much faster user experience
  • Developed new sending algorithm for the autoresponder system which allowed greater throughput and added better error recovery
  • Created ability for the autoresponder to use SMS in addition to email by interfacing with Twilio


Vice President, Lewis Media/

Started small business partnership to do web design and development for small businesses. Also formed a small start up for community based websites enabling them to stay connected.


  • Developed a small content management system in PHP/mySQL we used for our clients allowing them to make small updates to their own sites which became our core offering
  • Established a strong core of clients in the Newmarket area which in turn led us to launch which was a community based initiative allowing small pockets of the community to interact with each other
  • Turned a partnership of two developers into a nice sized small business with just under ten employees

Web Systems Analyst, Torstar

Acted as a liaison between head office in Toronto and the Kitchener/Cambridge/Guelph offices. Developed and maintained the websites for the local newspapers.


  • Converted the local sites from an ASP based setup to one being used at head office that was created using a combination of JSP and XML
  • Created software in PHP/mySQL to help facilitate the annual auctions for the local sites
  • Successfully converted the rest of the old in house ASP applications to a PHP based system and added some new features to help aid the content department when selecting stories

Project Manager,

Created an open source project for forum software. Was a conversion from an existing Perl based forum to a PHP/mySQL based setup. Originally named YaBB SE, the name was changed to signify a new direction.


  • Managed a team of programmers and support staff
  • Devised project plans and assigned tasks accordingly
  • Developed a plan for monetization to help support the open source project


Professional Skills

Web Development

Over ten years of web development experience in PHP/mySQL from simple sites to more advanced usage such as content management software, autoresponder software, website replication systems, and payment gateways.


Project Management

Project management experience dating back over ten years including project planning, implementation, and deployment as well as managing teams of developers both locally and remotely.



Site integration with ecommerce providers such as, Beanstream, Payoneer, Paypal, Stripe, and WorldPay. Account management areas for sites to manage their users and their accounts and subscriptions.


Social Media

Creation of Facebook applications as well as integration with Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+ APIs for social sharing and login via social media accounts.